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January 18, 2015

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I’m very excited to announce my new project: Amber Eyes Jewellery! I’ve just launched my website:, where I’m selling a range of feather necklaces with a slightly bohemian vibe. They’re inspired by nature and my travels around Asia in 2014.

Amber Eyes Jewellery feather necklace beads brass craft handmade outside ivy bohemian fashion


Amber Eyes Jewellery Website Feather Necklaces


A bit of the background…

While I was living and working in South Korea last year, I experimented with a wide variety of creative things (baking, truffle making, fabric painting, illustration and jewellery making!) One weekend I came across a whole range of feathers in a local craft shop. They came in packs of two so were obviously meant for earrings, but I’ve always loved the idea of feather necklaces. I collected a whole bunch of these little craft packs and started making feather necklaces for myself. I loved the way they were light and floaty and fluttered in the wind. They were so easy to wear with anything, and made a plain black dress look so much more interesting. When I arrived back in New Zealand four months ago, I decided to take a step forward and started thinking about selling the necklaces.

The process…

The first thing I wanted to decide was the name. I struggled for a few weeks, until I decided it would make the most sense to stick with “Amber Eyes” as I already have a following on Facebook and through this blog. It represents nature through the word Amber and has a sort of bohemian vibe to it.

Next I spent around a month trying to source all the materials. I used some of the feathers and brass chain I bought in Korea, but I needed a whole lot more to experiment with until I was happy with the final product. I bought loads of chain, connecting rings, clasps and charms from beading sites in America and NZ.

Amber Eyes Jewellery feather necklace materials beads tools findings


I watched a bunch of technique videos on Youtube and experimented a lot with different charms hanging with the feathers. I quickly realised that any heavy charms made the feathers hang really awkwardly, so I had to use only the lightest of charms (very thin leaves and birds).

Amber Eyes Jewellery feather necklaces


The next step was to decide which selling platform to use online. I ended up choosing Shopify because of it’s flexibility and diversity, though sometimes I wish I’d gone with BigCartel because it seems more user friendly!

I practiced a lot of hand drawn typography for my logo, using black ink and a calligraphy brush I’d bought while on holiday in Japan. I also tried using a wide calligraphy pen but the effect wasn’t organic enough. Eventually I decided to use my Wacom tablet and hand draw my logo digitally. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out – it has the personalised, flowy organic feeling I was going for, but it’s still legible.

Amber Eyes Jewellery feather necklaces logo font script ink brush pen concepts


I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the packaging. I looked at so many boxes, bags and envelopes that I really struggled to make a choice. The necklaces will come in a brown paper bag with the Amber Eyes logo stamped on in copper ink. In a few weeks they’ll also be sealed with a copper foil stamp and will come with a copper foil business card. This will be sent out in a padded kraft envelope with the address hand-written on the front. Packaging is definitely one of my favourite parts of the process!

Amber Eyes Jewellery Feather Necklaces packaging logo script handdrawn kraft stamp copper ink custom


The last step was to design my Shopify site and take photos. Designing the site has taken around a week; lots of tweaks to settings, html etc… I’m a bit limited with my current theme and plan but hopefully will upgrade once I’ve made more sales.


We’re live!

And there you have it! Amber Eyes Jewellery is now live and ready to take orders from around the world. I’m happy to work with you on a custom order, and I’ll be adding more styles as I make them. If there’s anything you’d like to see on my site, please let me know!

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