Design inspiration: time for a new phone case?

July 23, 2014

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For this week’s design inspiration I’m looking at phone cases. I used to really dislike overly bright or patterned phone cases for some reason, and I just wanted mine to be plain black. I really have no idea why I thought that way! Since being in Korea I have definitely been more receptive to colour and patterns. Korea has got to be the home of phone cases – they sell them everywhere from stationery stores to street stalls. You can’t walk down a street in the downtown shopping areas without passing by at least 30 stores selling them. Most of them are disgustingly big and tacky but there are some really nice, well designed cases. My favourites are the slim floral iPhone cases from Artbox. I want to build up a collection of cases so I can change them depending on my mood.

This collection of inspiration is from Korea and overseas, and features a variety of styles. Hopefully you’ll find one you love!

poom phone case
The pale blue is my current case – I love it! From Poom/Artbox, Korea
phone case poom korea
Mrs Amanda case from Poom/Artbox, Korea
kate spade phone case
Gold polka dot Kate Spade case



incipio phone case
Incipio feather case in mint
button phone case
Button case by Mochithings – great colours!
Ardium wallet phone case
Ardium wallet on Mochithings
Cath Kidston rose phone case
Cath Kidston rose case
Michael Kors phone wallet
Michael Kors phone wallet
Ornate elephant on Society6
Ornate elephant on Society6
Vintage flowers on Society6
Vintage flowers on Society6
Vintage black and white stripes on Society6
Vintage black and white stripes on Society6
new zealand phone case society 6 carly hitchcock design
A case designed by me! Available on Society6


What is your favourite brand for phone cases? Do you switch cases regularly?

5 thoughts on “Design inspiration: time for a new phone case?

  1. I love the floral ones! I just bought two floral ones off ebay 2 days ago actually. That’s where I get all of mine, I have about 5 that I switch regularly.

    1. I know Society6 is the best site! So much good quality design on there. I’m waiting for the new iPhones to come out before I buy new cases though. Agh but I really want to get that Kate Spade case!

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