Review: ELF haul (some amazing new finds!)

July 10, 2014

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Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing my ELF haul which I got from iHerb around 2 weeks ago (I’ve been a bit lazy with taking photos!) On the plus side, I’ve been using these products for a few weeks so I can give them an accurate review.

A lot of the products in here are things I’ve been meaning to buy for a while. I was especially curious about the high definition under eye setting powder as Shaaanxo has mentioned this product in her videos a few times. It’s supposed to be one of the best setting powders, and I do have a lot of creasing issues with my under eye concealer. My other must-have was the clear brow setting gel which I was hoping would make my thin eyebrows a little bigger. The other products were all things I could live without but I thought I’d try them because they’re so cheap!

I bought all these products from iHerb which is a massive US online store selling all things natural, from supplements to cosmetics. I’ve used iHerb a lot while I’ve been in Korea – firstly because the shipping is ridiculously cheap and quick ($4, 5 days) and secondly because they stock a lot of products that are difficult to find in Korea.

Read on to find out more about my two new can’t-live-without products!

My ELF haul:

elf haul review iherb


1. ELF Mineral Face Primer – this is meant to be really moisturising and I think it does a good job. I don’t have a lot to compare it to, and I do wear really drying foundation but I think it’s a pretty decent primer. It’s clear, it smooths my skin and it helps my foundation stay in place. I’m not sure how much ‘plastic’ (dimethicone etc…) it has in it, as I have had a few breakouts while using this. 4/5

Elf all over cover stick persimmon review
Elf All Over Cover Stick in Persimmon

2. ELF All Over Cover Stick in Persimmon. Ok so you wouldn’t literally put this ‘all over’ your face, but it is a good highlighter. I read that this was a good dupe for Benefit’s Bene Tint Posie Tint (similar colour/effect). It comes in stick form and you can use a brush, a sponge or your fingers to spread the product onto your cheeks, brow bone, chin etc… for highlighting. My only problem is that the colour is slightly pink/peach and I would prefer something with no colour. Otherwise it spreads smoothly and gives a good natural looking shimmer. 4/5

elf high definition under eye setting powder review
Elf High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder

3. ELF High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder. This is amazing and such a lifesaver for me!! I had been using a really cheap setting powder by Australis for a few years, because I didn’t believe that paying more for setting powder would give better results – so naive! This is the best thing that’s every happened to my under eyes (asides from my new under eye cream). I’ve had a lot of issues with my concealer creasing and making me look older but now even Rob has noticed how smooth and perfect my under eyes are looking. The powder is sheer but with a very slight pink tint and a little shimmer (helps with dark circles). It comes with a little brush but I prefer to use a larger flat powder brush. 5/5

4. ELF High Definition Powder. Again this is so much better than my horrible Australis setting powder. Works very well. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it has some bits which are a bit bigger than others, and they kind of stand out on my face. Also I’m not a fan of the big clunky packaging. 4/5

5. ELF Mineral Powder Brush. I use this for applying the setting powder. Works well but could be a little softer and more dense. 4/5

6. ELF Angled Contour Brush. Eye shadow brush which is designed for creating a smoky eye. It’s quite big and a little awkward to use but it does the job. 3/5

elf matte lip colour tea rose rich red swatch

Elf matte lip colour review tea rose

Elf matte lip colour review rich red
Elf Matte Lip Colours

7. ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose. I really love vintage dusky pink colours so I was happy to find this. It’s creamy and relatively long lasting. I wish the colour was a little warmer and the size of the stick was a little bigger. 3/5

8. ELF Matte Lip Color in Rich Red. I love this dark pinky red but unfortunately I dropped it and the makeup stick came loose. Now it just wobbles around and I can’t use it at all 🙁 That’s definitely the main problem with ELF – cheap packaging! But the products are so cheap that you can easily buy more. 2/5

9. ELF Clear Lash and Brow Mascara. One word: Love! This is the product my brows have been waiting for! It’s just a simple clear liquid setting gel but it works wonders for thin, fine eyebrows. I wear it everyday now (with my ELF brow gel and powder kit in Ash) and it makes a huge difference.

Look at those brows (not as big as I'd like, but a massive difference for me!)
Look at those brows (not as big as I’d like, but a massive difference for me!)

ELF products are available in New Zealand via KMart and various online stores.

What are your favourite ELF products? Are there any other products that I need to try? Let me know in the comments…


6 thoughts on “Review: ELF haul (some amazing new finds!)

  1. I’ve ordered a few E.L.F. things from iherb as well and I really like the contouring blush and bronzed duo, in the colour St. Lucia. It’s an amazing dupe for Nars’ Laguna bronzer! I also like the baked blush in Peachy Cheeky. It’s quite sparkly, so I use it as a pinky highlighter. Loved this post!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo! Yes iHerb is great right? So many products. Oh good recommendations thanks, I’ll look into those. The blush sounds like a great colour 🙂

  2. Loved this post! I have some ELF products and absolutely love every one of them i’ve tried. I think i’m addicted to their amazing products and great quality.

    I also have the Tea Rose lip colour – it looks SO good on you, I feel that it washes me out a bit so haven’t used it recently. I think i’ll dig it out tomorrow and see what I can match it with 😉

    1. Hey Laura, I am sooo addicted to ELF that I just ordered 5 more products online whoops! Can’t stop myself. Oh thanks 🙂 You could try layering a warmer colour underneath it (I love layering lip colours at the moment). It could help liven it up a bit?

  3. I’m a HUGE fan of the ELF undereye setting powder too. I got it after seeing that Shaaanxo uses it all the time and I’m sooooo pleased I did. Great haul! Think there’s a few more ELF things I want to check out now…

    1. Yes me too! I’m so glad Shaaanxo recommended it because I was struggling to find good reviews for any other brands. I just put in another order of ELF products oops! They’re just so cheap on iHerb!

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