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July 9, 2014

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Today I’m reviewing a very popular product by Etude House: the Play 101 pencil. This is a ‘magic’ pencil which can be used to create many different looks. It can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip tint, blush, concealer, contour, highlight, brow pencil etc… What a great idea! Of course some colours will be a lot more versatile than others, but the pencils are still really fun and not a big investment at 6000 won each (around $7NZ).

The Play 101 pencils have been promoted in collaboration with Pony – a well-known Korean beauty Youtuber. Pony has created some example looks which helpfully show how to use the products in different ways. The pencils are available in 50 different colours and 5 different textures: matte, glossy, creamy, shimmering and glitter. The colours range from natural tones to vivid neons.

After hearing about these I bought a pencil in pink #16 just to test it out. I really loved the versatility so I bought 3 more colours! (even though I really don’t need them).

I have #16 pink for blush and eyeliner/eyeshadow, #31 dark purple for eyeshadow and eyeliner, #15 peach for blush and lip tint and #6 cream glitter for under eye liner.

PS. Stay tuned for a giveaway including 2 of these pencils (#16 glossy peach and #5 cream glitter)!

etude house play 101 pencils review

I really love the packaging for these pencils! The colours are great, the boxes are small and sleek and the typography is simple but elegant and playful.

etude house play 101 pencils review

The pencil is black with the name and number in pink and the colour on the bottom end. I just found out that this is a sharpener too! Very handy. The pencils wind up and are quite thin, so not exactly ideal for lips but the product is very easy to work with.

etude house play 101 pencils review swatch

The colours are mostly very pigmented and not too sheer, which is great. The glossy colours are a bit more sheer than the matte’s and shimmers but they feel better on the lips. I used the #16 neon pink matte as an eyeliner, a blush and a lip tint. I don’t think this texture works very well as a lip tint, so I bought #15 peach in the glossy formula to see if it would work better. I love it!

etude house play 101 pencils review
#15 glossy peach lip tint and blush. #6 under eye glitter liner
tokyo makeup face of the day pink etude house play 101
#16 matte as lip tint, blusher and under eye liner


pink eyeliner blush etude house play 101 makeup cosmetics korea korean

Overall I would definitely recommend trying out a few of these pencils if you can get hold of them! You can find Etude House products here: GMarketFishpondSmallfish

Etude house korean makeup cosmetics play 101 pencil pony looks

Etude house korean makeup cosmetics play 101 pencil pony looks


Etude house korean makeup cosmetics play 101 pencil pony looks colour swatch



What do you think of these pencils? Would you want to try them or do you prefer to use one product for one purpose?

3 thoughts on “Review: Etude House Play 101 pencil

  1. Wow! I feel like I need these pencils in my life!
    They look SO great on you Carly, and I love the packaging/descriptions. It’s so cool that you can use them all over your face in different ways – need need need!

    1. Hey Laura, thanks heaps for commenting! Yes the pencils are so fun and versatile. Even if you don’t really need them they’re a lot of fun to experiment with! You could do a big GMarket order (shipping details here: It’s about $21 for NZ shipping. You can buy from heaps of different shops on Gmarket Global and they’ll send it all in one big bulk order. I live on this site! (Or I could send you some!)

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