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July 6, 2014

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To celebrate the return of True Blood I’ve created a Sookie Stackhouse makeup look.

True Blood is back for it’s final season, and it’s as crazy and exciting as ever! I had to watch the preview of the last season a few times just to remember everything that happened. Anyway, here’s hoping Sookie and Bill finally get back together (although I secretly really liked Sookie+Erik too).

Sookie’s Look:

Sookie stackhouse true blood makeup look

Sookie has curly sun-bleached blonde hair. She also has a warm golden skin tone, peachy lips and warm brown tones around her eyes. I will try to replicate this! Her facial expressions and the lighting they use in the show are quite interesting. Sookie is naturally quite an upbeat and positive person, but as the show goes on and everyone around her dies, she starts becoming more negative and cynical. She had an interesting flashback in episode 2 this season (Season 7), which really showed the massive contrast in her emotions and behaviour. Anyway, in the photo I really like that she’s staring past the camera at someone or something, and I wanted to do something similar.

My Sookie Look:

Ok so it turns out this was a lot harder than I expected. My skin tone (and obviously my face in general) looks nothing like Sookie’s, so I had to use a darker foundation shade which looked a bit strange on me! Also I only had cool brown eyeshadows rather than warm golden browns, but I think it’s close enough. I was trying to go for a general atmosphere/mood shot. I had fun doing it so I don’t really mind that it’s not very realistic!

Sookie stackhouse makeup look tutorial inspiration

Sookie Stackhouse True Blood makeup eyeshadow

Thanks to Rob for the photos!

Products used:

  1. ELF Primer
  2. ELF flawless finish foundation in Porcelain
  3. Missha The Style Flawless Finish blusher in CR03
  4. ELF brow gel in Ash
  5. Etude House Auto Lip Liner in Soft Rose
  6. Aritaum creamy tint stick in shade 2
  7. Revlon kissable balm stain in Rendezvous (orange)
  8. Moisture Mist/Shiseido black waterproof eyeliner
  9. Maybelline black waterproof Mega Plush mascara
  10. Aritaum Mono Eyes dark brown eyeshadow no. 61
  11. Aritaum Mono Eyes mid brown glitter Eyeshadow no. 52
  12. Aritaum Mono Eyes gold glitter Eyeshadow no. 49

Are you excited that True Blood is back? Do you like Sookie’s look? What do you think of my attempt?!

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