Hong Kong haul!

August 2, 2014

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We came back from our whirlwind 5 day holiday in Hong Kong with a lot of memories, a ton of photos and plenty of purchases! It was a sometimes relaxing but mostly full-on break (which seems to be our favourite kind of holiday!) We spent 12-14 hours a day walking around, taking too many photos, eating a lot of delicious food and discovering all sorts of new things. Unfortunately on our last day I got quite sick so we didn’t do very much, but we more than made up for it on the other 4 days!

I will be posting more about our holiday soon. For now, here is my Hong Kong haul! I think I might have bought a little too much stuff, considering we’re leaving Korea soon and I have to get all this back to NZ somehow, but I guess that’s what postage is for. Also, I just couldn’t resist all the bargains! Pretty much everything was cheap in Hong Kong (especially compared to NZ). Not everything is for me anyway; some of these things are gifts or items for an upcoming Hong Kong giveaway.

Hong Kong haul

Hong Kong haul makeup cath kidston uniqlo nyx cosmetics tea

My favourites:

  • The Cath Kidston floral satchel, because I’ve been wanting a Cath Kidston bag for so long. The fabric is great – very durable but not shiny like some of her bags. Also I love the satchel design because it’s super comfortable and a great size. This is really good for livening up a neutral coloured outfit (I seem to be wearing a lot of black/grey/navy at the moment).

Hong Kong haul cath kidston bag

  • Uniqlo pleated chiffon grey skirt, because I saw this on the Korean website but couldn’t find it in stores anywhere. I’m so glad they were still selling them in Hong Kong! This skirt is very cute and will go with so many different tops.
  • EOS lip balms, because I’ve been wanting to try them for a while, and they really are great! I love that they’re natural and actually help your lips, unlike vaseline-based products which only dry out your lips (I’m looking at you Lucas PawPaw! You fooled me!)

Hong Kong haul EOS lip balm

  • NYX Butt Naked Turn the Other Cheek nude eyeshadow and blush palette, because I’ve been needing a basic nude palette for a while and I can’t find Urban Decay in Asia. It comes with a great range of matte shades which some palettes lack. I’ve used this for a few days and really love the subtle but pigmented colours.

Hong Kong haul NYX palette

  • UV coated pink polka dot umbrella, because I’ve been on the hunt for a UV umbrella for summer-time and this is the perfect tiny size for my new bag.

Hong Kong Haul HUS uv umbrella amber eyes blog

  • Or Tea tea flowers, because I’ve been really curious about these amazing tea flowers which unfurl in your cup like a sculpture. These will be a gift for my mum who loves tea.

Hong Kong haul or tea blossoms

  • White Tiger Balm, because it’s really been helping with all my mosquito bites and my very blocked nose at the moment.

Hong Kong haul tiger balm

  • The cute Hong Kong tram replica, because it’s a classic souvenir from the once British-controlled city. We rode a red tram just like this on a very hot day; the breeze from the top was really nice 🙂

Hong Kong haul tram replica souvenir

Have you been to Hong Kong? What were your favourite things to buy? Or what would you love to buy from Hong Kong?

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