Monday Must-Haves: Chocolate!

December 1, 2014

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This week’s Monday Must-Haves is entirely chocolate-focussed, because, why not. I’m talking about those delicious hand-crafted pieces of heaven. Yum! I’m only looking at New Zealand companies this time, but might look further afield in a later post.

I feature a lot of my favourite companies and one I still want to try.

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  1. Where it all started. I grew up going to Silky Oak Chocolate Factory in Hawkes Bay for iced chocolates and truffles. My favourites are their simple creamy dark and milk chocolate hearts. A little goes a long way.
  2. It’s so hard to choose a favourite from Bohemein, because everything is amazing! I frequented this store when I lived in Wellington for 6 years. My favourites are the salted caramel and kirsch cherries.
  3. In Wellington I also fell in love with the quirky variety of Schoc chocolate tablet flavours. They’re thin but so rich and creamy. There’s some crazy flavours like curry and popadoms, but my favourite is the lemon and cracked pepper. Tangy!
  4. I was introduced to Devonport Chocolates through Rob, who grew up close to their shop in Devonport. Now that I’m living with Rob’s family I’ve been a few times! They’re most famous for their huge truffle logs which you can slice up or eat all at once if you really love chocolate! My favourite is the hazelnut but I really want to try the spiced fruit and nut.
  5. Obvious winner for the best design award goes to the Wellington Chocolate Factory. They started just after I left Wellington and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ll definitely be ordering the salted brittle caramel.


What are your favourite boutique chocolate companies? Suggest some more for me to try!

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