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July 22, 2014

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Today I’m reviewing the products in my most recent iHerb beauty haul. I only started using iHerb when I moved to Korea because I had no use for it in New Zealand. Now that I’ve started using it though; I’m addicted! It’s so much cheaper than online pharmacies in NZ and the delivery is almost the same price and time.

I’ve made about 10 big orders from iHerb in the last year – mostly beauty products, supplements and food. Thanks to iHerb I’ve been eating oatmeal in Korea instead of toast, and I’ve had access to so many beauty products and vitamins that are impossible or difficult to find here.

iHerb beauty haul:

My latest haul includes a few more ELF products that I don’t need, but bought because they’re so cheap. I also bought some organic-ish sunblock (I have far too much sunblock now) some new eyeshadow and eye brushes and a Real Techniques sponge.

amber eyes blog iherb beauty haul

amber eyes blog iherb beauty haul
without packaging
  1. Real Techniques makeup sponge
  2. ELF Ultimate Eyelashes kit
  3. Physician’s Formula Nude Eyeshadow palette
  4. ELF contouring blush and bronzer in St Lucia
  5. ELF lip stain in first date
  6. ELF lip exfoliator
  7. ELF eyelid primer
  8. Alba Botanic sunblock
  9. Eco Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set
amber eyes blog iherb haul beauty makeup cosmetics
Face using: ELF blush and bronzer, ELF lashes, ELF lip stain, ELF eyeshadow primer, Physician’s formula eyeshadow, real techniques sponge
amber eyes blog iherb haul beauty makeup cosmetics

I bought the Real Techniques sponge because I’d heard great things about it and it’s cheap. I wanted to see if it really is as good as the Beauty Blender because mine is falling apart a bit and it’s so expensive to replace (about $50 in NZ). I’ve tried this a few times with my foundation and concealer and I definitely don’t think it’s as good as the Beauty Blender. It’s not as soft and it makes my foundation a bit too dry. I would probably be perfectly happy with it if I hadn’t tried the Beauty Blender! It’s still 100x better than most other Beauty Blender dupes out there. 4/5

I got the ELF lashes just because they were cheap and I was curious about the quality. The thing that ruined them for me was taking them out of the packaging! There is so much glue on the lashes that they’re super difficult to remove from the plastic and I couldn’t get all the glue off. Also I think they’re far too long and intense but maybe I can trim them? 2/5

amber eyes blog herb haul Physicians Formula eyeshadow nude palette swatch
Physicians Formula eyeshadow nude palette swatch

The Physician’s Formula Nude palette is quite nice, especially for the price. The packaging is super cute! I almost bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette online, but then I decided to buy a camera instead. I still wanted a nude eyeshadow palette though so I opted for this cheap one on iHerb. It’s meant to be a sort-of dupe for the original Naked palette. The pigmentation isn’t great and all the shades are shimmery (no matte) but I like it as a very basic palette. 3.5/5

amber eyes blog iherb haul
ELF blush and bronzer in St Lucia

The ELF blush and bronzer in St Lucia was recommended to me buy a reader of this blog! I’m very grateful because I’ve been using this everyday and the bronzer has made such a difference to my contouring. I didn’t actually contour before now because I was too worried about it looking strange on my super pale skin. The bronzer is very intense on me but if I use a tiny tiny amount and blend it in properly it looks natural. I love the slight shimmer. 4/5

amber eyes blog iherb haul elf lip stain
ELF Lip stain and gloss in first date

The ELF Lip Stain swatched nicely but it ended up being super dry and powdery on my lips. I think this might just be my dry lips though, because I’ve heard good things about this product. Also the colour is far too intense for me, even though I was looking for a bright pink. 2/5

amber eyes blog herb haul elf lip exfoliator
ELF Lip Exfoliator

The ELF lip exfoliator is pretty good. I love the moisture but I think there could be more exfoliating pieces of walnut shell. It was hard to get it working to start with. The packaging is a bit too chunky but the shape is great. 3.5/5

The ELF eyelid primer is ok. I’ve never bought an eyelid primer before (I always used regular primer) so I have nothing to compare it too. It goes on nice and satiny but it dries a little too powdery on me. Also it settles into my crease no matter how much I blend it out – grrr. It does hold my eyeshadow well, and I’ve had minimal fallout from shimmery or glittery shadows which is good. I will buy a more expensive primer at some stage, but for now I don’t have any expensive eyeshadow! 3/5

I haven’t tried the sunblock yet so I can’t say much about it!

The Ecotools eye enhancing set is pretty good. It was cheap and they’re pretty decent quality so I’m happy. I bought them mainly for travelling because they won’t take up much space. I’ll invest in some nicer Sigma brushes when I have better eyeshadow. The blending and C-shaped brushes are the best. 3.5/5


Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite buys from iHerb?


4 thoughts on “Review: iHerb beauty haul

  1. I’ve bought quite a few Ecotools brushes on iherb before, and also some ELF makeup like the brow kit which I love to use. I always buy random tea or chocolates as well when I do an order.

    1. Hi Lena, Oh that’s good! I hadn’t heard of Ecotools before I bought these, but they’re not bad. Yes that eyebrow kit is the best! I love buying food and drinks too 🙂 and the trial products can be fun to order – face masks, supplements, body products etc…

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