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July 18, 2014

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I recently went to Olive Young to buy a few more summer essentials. Olive Young is a sort-of Korean drugstore which sells a variety of imported and Korean skincare products, perfume, a bit of makeup, vitamins and some food. Usually I pop in to buy white chocolate Toblerone on the way home from work, but this time I needed some more important things!

I needed a better sunblock to use on my face because the only one I had is very thick and greasy. I was specifically looking for: a non-greasy sunblock, a ‘cooling’ spray for when my face overheats, and an ice pack. I wanted just a plain matte face sunblock but there weren’t many liquid options – spray sunblock is really popular here at the moment so I decided to try them out.

The products:

summer skin care haul korea
Olive Young summer skin care haul

I came away with:

  • Faith in Face Face the Sun Sunspray SPF 50+ (buy one get free travel size)
  • Lacvert Aqua Cooling Sunspray SPF 50+ (buy one get one free)
  • Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
  • Free gift – 식물나라 (Plant Kingdom) The Rich Snow Foam Cleanser and neon pouch
  • Samples – Boh cotton face pads and ElleGirl pocket nail polish removing wipes

What do I think?

Faith in Face Face the Sun Sunspray

This is one of those trendy spray sunblocks I mentioned earlier. I picked this up because it was SPF 50, I like the can (though I’m not a fan of aerosols) and it had a free travel size which I thought would be handy for travelling.

I’ve tried this on my face and body and it goes on very evenly and completely clear with a nice satin (non-greasy) finish which is absorbed quickly. It did make me think that it wouldn’t work as well as a thick creamy sunblock, but it’s meant to work the same! It’s hard to test this because I haven’t been out in the sun for long enough, but I’ll probably give it a good test in Hong Kong. The only problem I have with this is that it has a musty floral scent which I really don’t like, but it goes away after about an hour.


+ non-greasy

+ very easy to use, no messiness, no hands

+ high SPF

+ quick absorbtion

+ goes on evenly


– aerosol (smelly chemicals and bad for the environment)

– is it really as protective as the cream versions? do I need to spray on more to get the same effect?

– strong scent


Lacvert Aqua Cooling Sunspray 

I bought this because I thought it was a cream sunblock, but it turned out to be another spray sunblock! The two boxes were taped together so I didn’t see the words ‘sunspray’. When I got home I felt pretty silly for having four bottles of spray sunblock! I bought these because it was another 1+1 deal which seemed to make sense! I’m going to be doing a lot of walking around in Hong Kong and Japan so I’ll need all the sun protection I can get. Actually I just realised, can I even take aerosols on a plane? Hmmm.

Anyway this sunblock has no scent so I instantly like it better. It goes on white and slightly thicker than the Faith in Face version which makes me trust it more. It also does have a mild cooling sensation like the packaging states. I love the small size of these – have already popped one into my bag to have on me at all times.


+ no scent

+ quite cheap (around $12 for two bottles)

+ looks and feels a bit more like regular sunblock

+ compact – great for travelling

+ very easy to use, no messiness, no hands

+ high SPF

+ quick absorption (not as quick as the Faith in Face version)

+ goes on evenly


– aerosol can

– not much product


Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel

I was looking for some kind of magical Korean cooling spray (they sell these at stores like Etude House in summer) but I couldn’t find anything specific. I cam across this witch hazel toner which mentioned using the spray bottle to refresh your face with a light mist, so I thought this was close enough! I’ve been meaning to buy toner for a while but I didn’t want anything too drying. This seemed like a good option because it looked quite natural and included rose petals and aloe vera which is soothing for sensitive skin.

This does feel quite cool and refreshing when I spray it on my face and the back of my neck. I use it at night (cleansing) and in the morning (toning) and it has a good soft rose scent. I’m not sure it’s actually doing anything, but I hope it’s keeping my face refreshed, cleansed and less greasy!


+ I like the rose scent

+ spray bottle is convenient and easy

+ huge bottle will last a long time

+ doesn’t sting

+ natural-ish ingredients

+ refreshing


– may be a bit drying

– what does toner even do, really?


식물나라 (Plant Kingdom) The Rich Snow Foam Cleanser and neon pouch

I haven’t used this cleanser because I already have a great cleanser by Ohui which is perfect for my sensitive skin. Maybe I’ll mail this one home or give it away. The pouch – what a horrible colour! Don’t know what I’ll do with this.

Boh cotton face pads

I looove these face pads!! Every time I go to Olive Young I try to buy enough things that they’ll throw in a couple of boxes of these. They’re very thick and very soft and perfect for removing all my eyeshadow and waterproof mascara. They feel like pillows on my face!

ElleGirl pocket nail polish removing wipes

I haven’t tried these yet but they sound amazing! So convenient, especially for travelling.


What do you think of this haul? Is there anything you want to try?

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