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August 5, 2014

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Hi guys! Today I want to talk about summer beauty essentials. I think summer is almost worse than winter for skin issues because there are so many factors: dry air, humid air, UV, drying air-con etc… in general I feel more uncomfortable in summer than I do in winter. I love the feeling of wearing a small dress and feeling a nice breeze on my skin, but mostly summer is just painful and sweaty! (Well, it is in Korea at the moment…)

I will mention some of the beauty products I use to cope in summer, as well as some other products to try out.

summer beauty essentials amber eyes blog

For hair:

For hair, the biggest problems are greasiness, and sometimes dryness too!

summer beauty essentials amber eyes blog

My favourite products for summer are:

  • Lush No Drought dry shampoo. This is amazing because this small bottle will last years! I’ve used it at least once a week for a year and there is still a lot left! Sprinkle on your roots in the morning (or at night) rub it in and brush out after a few minutes. This has saved me so many times before work, when I’m too lazy or busy to wash my hair.
  • Giovanni Root 66 Max Volume shampoo. I have a problem with limp lifeless hair in summer, so this really helps with moisture and volume.
  • Pure argan oil or coconut oil. I use this on the ends if my hair is feeling too dry from washing it more often, or from the constant air-con.

Some other products you could try are:


For skin:

Careful morning and night routines will help keep your skin clean and fresh.

summer beauty essentials amber eyes blog

In the morning:

  • Ohui Clear Science Cleansing Foam. Use a small amount of cleanser and lukewarm water to gently wash your face in the morning.
  • Thayers Witch Hazel and Rose toner. Use a gentle non-drying toner to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh.
  • Calendula moisturiser by Sierra Bees. Use a good, natural moisturiser with no fragrance or other irritants, to prep your skin before using sunscreen or foundation.
  • Lacvert Aqua Cooling Sun Spray UV 50. Use a spray sunscreen to give a very thin, non-greasy layer of protection on your face and body. If you can’t find a non-greasy sunscreen where you live, try Asian brands which are made to be worn in very humid conditions.

At night:

  • Cococare coconut oil. Use a natural oil or an oil-based makeup remover to remove all the layers you put on in the morning. Coconut oil is a great waterproof makeup remover and conditions your skin, lashes and brows too!
  • Ohui cleanser. Use the same cleanser to wash your face again, making sure you remove the last traces of your makeup. This will help with blackheads and blocked pores.
  • Queen Helene apricot scrub. Every few days, use a mild exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh.
  • Cococare Argan oil. Use a natural, non-fragranced oil OR a moisturiser at night. I know this sounds strange in summer, but our skin needs moisture all year round.

Some other suggestions are:

  • Etude House Ice Shot Freeze Foam. This is like a foam that you can spray on your skin in a sort of bandage shape. It will dry in a few seconds and you can remove it and place it anywhere for a cooling sensation!



Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.17.00 pm


I have really dry skin, even in summer, but I think it’s important to moisturise no matter what your skin type. Oily skin really needs moisture too! The other essentials are long-wearing or waterproof makeup.

summer beauty essentials amber eyes blog

  • ELF mineral primer. Primer will give a smooth base and help makeup stay on longer.
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation with SPF 15. Stays on alll day for me; doesn’t come off in rain or humidity. The small amount of SPF is great if you forget to put sunscreen on.
  • ELF HD setting powder. Sometimes I will use this if it’s an extra hot or humid day. You can also use a setting powder if you’re only wearing a bb cream or a non long-wearing foundation
  • ELF eyelid primer. Eyelid primer will help your eyeshadow stay on longer, without slipping off in the humidity.
  • Maybelline The Magnum waterproof mascara. You need a waterproof mascara for summer! This will help your lashes stay curled and will prevent panda eyes from the humidity.
  • Shiseido Moisture Mist waterproof liquid eyeliner. Use a liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner with waterproof or long-wearing properties, unless you’re going for a very smudgy look 🙂
  • Clio VF21 Glow Fix Mist. Use a good setting spray after, or as well as, setting powder. Using a glow finish spray will set your makeup but keep your skin looking fresh. Using a matte spray will set your makeup and leave you looking less oily.


What do you think of these suggestions? What are your summer beauty essentials? Let me know below 🙂

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