How to survive a Kpop concert

August 23, 2014

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A week ago I was very excited about going to a big Kpop festival! The AIA Real Life Now YG Family Festival was held at an outdoor stadium in Seoul, from evening til night. I was lucky to see Psy, Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Akdong Musician, Winner and Team B. I really like most of these groups so I really wanted to see them before leaving Korea! I booked the tickets 4 months ago (I never book anything that far in advance) and had been looking forward to our concert weekend in Seoul for a while.

I really liked the festival atmosphere, especially being outside in summer. It would’ve been far too hot indoors. I also liked being able to come and go easily; to buy food, merchandise etc…

Big Bang YG Family How to survive a kpop concert amber eyes blog
Big Bang
Psy + everyone



The lineup. I only went on Friday.
The lineup. I only went on Friday.
YG Family Kpop concert seoul AIA amber eyes blog carly hitchcock how to survive a kpop concert
My outfit: bright orange blouse, shorts and sneakers

I thought I would write a post about ‘how to survive a Kpop concert’ for anyone interested! Kpop concerts aren’t very different to regular concerts but I figured it would be a fun thing to write about anyway.

  1. Buy your tickets online, using the English version of the website. The payment section may be all in Korean, so make sure you have google translate ready. If there is no delivery option for foreigners, you will have to pick up your tickets at the concert.
  2. Book accommodation either close to the concert, or close to public transport. You don’t want to be trying to catch a taxi with thousands of other people.
  3. A few weeks before the concert, get to know the lyrics a little so you can sing along. Maybe translate some of them if you’re interested.
  4. Prepare your outfit or buy something new. Try to wear something very comfortable because it gets very hot and crowded. I recommend shorts and a tshirt or singlet, or a shortish dress or skirt. Definitely wear sneakers or other comfortable and closed shoes. The girls wearing heels always have to sit down.
  5. Before you go, make sure you have your tickets or ticket reservation number with you. Make sure you have a map of the stadium location so you know where to go. If you need help there are plenty of assistants who speak English.
  6. Essentials for the day: a small comfortable bag, a bottle of water, a small hand-held fan (it gets very hot!), money, cellphone. It can be a good idea to bring earplugs if you don’t want teenagers shrieking in your ears!
  7. What to buy there: buy some filling food before going in, so you won’t need to leave the show. There is beer and wine available too. Buy your merchandise (ie. light sticks and tshirts) either before or during the concert. I left an hour in to get merchandise, and the queue was luckily very short.
  8. Stay hydrated, take photos, wave your lightstick and enjoy!!


YG Family Kpop concert seoul AIA amber eyes blog carly hitchcock how to survive a kpop concert korea

YG Family Kpop concert seoul AIA amber eyes blog carly hitchcock how to survive a kpop concert korea
2NE1 on ‘man’ motorbikes


Have you been to a Kpop concert or would you like to see one? Let me know your favourite group in the comments 🙂

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